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Welcome to DGSA!

What type of equipment does my player need? 

Please download the DGSA recommended equipment checklist below.

How much will everything cost?

While there is a registration fee each year for your child to play, there is more investment in the equipment as well. Cost truly depends on the items/brands chosen.

What is the purpose of evaluations? 

Evaluations are held to help ensure a fair ranking of each team across the board. Every coach has their own coaching style and is chosen to help your player excel each year. The evaluations are to help aid those coaches in have fair/even teams. 

What should my player expect at evaluations? 

Each player is given a number and will be evaluated on catching, throwing & batting. 

How much time should I anticipate my child investing in practices/games per season?

Most teams practice two evenings a week, no less than 45min a practice. Games are also held throughout the week (spring season) for some age groups and last no less than 65 minutes. Games, including double headers are held on Saturdays. Those games also last no less than 65 minutes. 

How do I stay informed? 

The best way to stay up to date with all of the league info is by visiting our website, follow us on Facebook and by downloading the SportsEngine App. All game/practice schedules will be made available there. You will also have communication abilities to contact board members and coaches. 

Who do I contact with further questions? 

Feel free to go to the Board Member page on this website and all emails are listed there. 


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