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10U Transition

Rules / Information

In spring 2018, DGSA piloted a 10U Transition team, in which there is a mixture of player and coach pitch - to transition towards fastpitch while allowing for more action for batters and fielders.  For fall 2018, we are again playing through the Brownsburg softball league.  Transition rules are posted below - any clarifications on general 10U rules would be found in the BGSL handbook (posted on this page).  Doubleheaders will be played on Saturdays, with potential make-up games on Sundays.  Practices for Danville teams will be held at the DGSA fields.

2018 Fall 10U FP—Coach pitch rules

1. For regular season games, both girls and coaches will pitch to each batter. The girl pitcher will throw up to three pitches to each batter. Balls and strikes per strike zone will be called by an umpire while the girl pitcher is pitching. If the ball is put in play, it is live. If the batter is hit by the pitch, it is a dead ball walk. If the batter records three strikes, it is an out. Once the pitcher has thrown four pitches, a coach will come to the mound and the batter will retain the same number of strikes as she had from the girl pitcher.

2. The batter will receive up to 3 additional pitches from the coach. If the batter fails to make contact with the ball on the 3rd coach pitch, the batter will record an out. If the batter fouls the 3rd coach pitch, they will receive one additional pitch. If the batter does not put the ball into play on the additional pitch, the batter will record an out. If the batter reaches three total strikes between girl and coach pitches, she will record an out. The batter may not record a base on balls due to balls out of the zone. If a batter is hit by a coach’s pitch, she will receive another pitch and this will not count against the batter’s total allowed pitches.

3. The coach pitch will be delivered in an underhanded fashion and at a speed and arc consistent with a fastpitch-style pitch. The pitch will be delivered from the standard 35’ mound for 10U. At least one foot must be in contact with the rubber until the ball is released. No windup is required so long as the pitch meets the standards listed in this rule.

4. While the coach is pitching, a pitcher’s player will be allowed to play defense. This player must have one foot in the circle until contact with the ball is made and may not be positioned closer to the plate than a line drawn along the front of the mound, extending to the edge of the circle.

5. The ball shall be returned by the catcher to the coach pitcher unless making a pickoff attempt. The ball may not be returned to the pitcher’s player rather than the coach. If a coach fails to catch the return ball from the catcher, the ball is dead and no player shall advance.

6. If the ball is put in play and strikes a coach pitcher, the play will be declared dead and the batter will receive another pitch.

7. While a coach is pitching, all stealing will be suspended.

8. Bunting and slap hitting is allowed on any pitch—coach pitch or girl pitch.

9. While the coach is pitching, the catcher may make an attempt to pick any runner off who is taking their secondary lead. This will result in a live ball once the ball is thrown and runners may advance at their own risk.

10. The coach will be positioned outside the baseline, near the dugout entrance, while not pitching. The coach will also make every attempt to crouch or make his way outside the baseline while the ball is in live play.

11. The 6 run limit per inning shall be in effect.

12. It is our intention to develop pitchers and ensure each team has two pitchers, at minimum, through the season. Therefore, each team must have a minimum of two girls pitching each game, with different pitchers in innings 1 and 2. Teams may use more than two pitchers in a game if they choose.

13. These rules will be in place until the season ending double elimination tournament. During the tournament, we will revert to previous rules where a pitcher may pitch no more than 2 of the first 3 innings, and 4 of 6 total innings.

Delayed Steals: Clarification. To eliminate any confusion, A delayed steal is any steal that occurs after the pitch is delivered and during the return of the ball to the pitcher. The umpire’s judgment of these actions shall determine whether a delayed steal has occurred.

Hesitation rule – When the ball is controlled in the pitching circle, a base runner must either advance to the next base or return to the previous base and cannot change directions once a direction is taken. A hesitation of two seconds or a change in direction while the ball is being controlled in the circle shall cause the runner to be at risk of being called out. If a defensive play is attempted or faked on any base runner, then hesitation does not apply and the ball is considered live until the pitcher controls it in the circle. The umpire’s judgment of these actions shall determine whether hesitation has occurred.

The BGSL and Danville boards reserve the right to modify or suspend the coach pitching rules at any point during the regular season.