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Coaching / Support

I want to coach in the DGSA.  How do I sign up to do that?

  • Registering to coach or to be an adult volunteer within the DGSA is easy.  As you register your daughter(s) online for softball, register yourself as an adult, too.  There is no fee for adult registration.  (There's usually a free t-shirt in it for you, too!)  Registering yourself online alerts us to your interest in coaching, identifies who your daughter is (to make sure you coach for her team), and allows us to easily communicate with you and assign you to a team.  All adult volunteers will have a criminal background check and a check against the Indiana Sheriff's Sex Offender Registry on a yearly basis.  Criminal background checks are at no cost to adult volunteers.

What if there are more coaches than teams?  How do you prioritize coaching requests?

  • This very rarely happens, but if it does, we give top priority to DGSA board members, then to adults who have coached within the DGSA in the past, then to adults who have coached in some other capacity outside of the DGSA.  Even if we have too many adults requesting to head coach a team, we can always use assistant coaches.  If you want to help out, we'll find a way to make it happen.  

I don't want to coach, but do you need help with anything else?

  • You bet!  We always need help in the concessions stand and picking up trash around the complex.  We often need help with maintenance of the facility, too.  We frequently need help with various tasks during the season and during tournaments, so if you've got the desire to help and/or a special skill set that you think would benefit the DGSA, by all means, CONTACT US!!!

Are the DGSA board meetings open to the public?

  • Absolutely!  We welcome and encourage all parents to attend DGSA board meetings and contribute to the discussion.  We alert all parents via email and on our Facebook page when we set a board meeting.

How can I become a DGSA board member?

  • We elect DGSA board members at the end of Fall Ball to serve for the following year.  We strongly encourage anyone interested in serving on the DGSA board to attend board meetings throughout the year to get an idea of what's going on within the association.

Can you provide recommendations on sizing?