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When do you play?  When can I register my daughter(s) for DGSA softball?

  • Online registration for Spring Ball generally begins in January and runs through the end of February or early March.  The season generally runs from the first of April into the first of June with games being played on weekday evenings and on Saturdays.  Online registration for Fall Ball generally begins in June and runs through mid-July.  The season generally runs from the end of July into early October, playing double-headers on Saturdays starting in mid-August.

What divisions do you offer?

  • Our divisions are age-based, not skills-based.  We offer divisions in 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U and 14 - 18U (6 & under, 8 & under, etc.).  Girls may play up one division (for example, an 8-year-old can play 10U if she wants), but they cannot play down (for example, an 8-year-old cannot play 6U).
  • 6U:  Girls must be between 4 and 6 years old, as of January 1.  6U is non-competitive.  No score is kept, no outs are recorded and no umpires are on the field during games.  This is very much an instructional division where girls learn the basics of the sport.  In games, every player bats in every inning, and every at-bat results in a single.  Batting tees are allowed during games for girls who cannot hit a pitched ball from a coach.  In Fall Ball, we have a combined 6U/8U division playing by 8U rules.
  • 8U:  Girls must be 8 years old or younger, as of January 1.  8U introduces the girls to competition, but it is still coach-pitch.  No batting tees are allowed during games, however.  Umpires are on the field, score is kept, outs are recorded, and wins and losses are recorded.  This is still an instructional division with girls learning the basics of the sport.  Girls who have never played softball before will do just fine in 8U.
  • 10U:  Girls must be 10 years old or younger, as of January 1.  Girls begin pitching in 10U (fast-pitch).  Instruction is still the focal point at 10U, but competition starts carrying more weight at this level.
  • 12U:  Girls must be 12 years old or younger, as of January 1.  Girls fast-pitch.  Competition is pretty important at this level, although the girls are always receiving instruction, too.
  • 14 - 18U:  Girls must not have turned 18 as of January 1.  Girls fast-pitch.  Competition is the focal point, with instruction along the way.  For this age group, play begins after the high school season ends.

What is the birthdate cutoff date for age categories?

  • January 1 of the year in which you are registering your daughter(s) to play in the DGSA - for fall ball, age is based on league age for the upcoming spring season (e.g. - if your daughter turns 11 in November 2018, she should register for 12U for fall 2018).

How young can girls be and play softball with the DGSA?

  • Girls must be 4 years old as of January 1 to play in the DGSA.  Any younger than that, there are serious safety concerns.

Does DGSA have a residency requirement?

  • We don't care where you live. As long as you can make it to practices and games, you're welcome to register for the DGSA no matter what town you call home.

Can parents request teammates and/or coaches?

  • Yes. However, the DGSA cannot guarantee that those requests will be fulfilled because 8U, 10U, 12U and 14 - 18U teams are drafted by coaches. (The exception is for sisters in the same age division, as we have a system to ensure that they play on the same team.) All coaches are made aware of parent requests on Draft Day and do their best to accommodate those requests, but in a draft format, nothing can be guaranteed. Still, we encourage parents to request teammates and/or coaches so that we can make our best effort to make them happen.

Where do you play?

  • Practices and games are held at Twin Bridges Fields--the softball diamonds just west of the intersection of CR 200 S. and CR 150 E.  We also play at partner facilities within and near Hendricks County.

How much does it cost to play in the DGSA?

  • Registration for Fall Ball 2018 is $60, regardless of age.

I want my daughter to play softball, but I can't afford it.  What can I do?

  • A local not-for-profit organization called Sports for All Kids (SFAK) exists to help parents with the cost of kids' sports.  Children who receive free or reduced lunches through the Danville school system and are in grades K through 8th are eligible for SFAK.  This is a separate entity from the DGSA, though, and the DGSA has no control over SFAK's ability or willingness to pay part or all of kids' fees, but we include a question during our online registration about SFAK, and we are happy to request funds from them on your behalf.  Any SFAK requests are kept strictly confidential.

What do I need to do to request financial assistance from Sports For All Kids?

  • There is a question during registration about whether or not you'd like to apply for Sports For All Kids (SFAK). Answer "yes." After Spring Ball registration closes, DGSA will send all of the information to SFAK. They will then determine if, and how much, they will fund of those registrations in question. SFAK is a separate local not-for-profit organization that has nothing to do with the DGSA, so their decisions on funding are outside of our control.

Why are parents asked to help with concessions during the season?

  • Over the past several years, our concessions stand has been staffed by a number of volunteers that can be counted on one hand. As you might imagine, that quickly leads to burnout, especially when those volunteers miss their daughters' games to work concessions. We ask that each team volunteer a total of four hours in the concessions stand over the course of the season (and we encourage parents to work shifts that do NOT conflict with their own daughters' games!).  We can accomplish a lot when we all help out.