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10U, 12U, 14 - 18U Rules

2017 Hendricks County Fast Pitch
Division Rules 10U, 12U & 14-18U
The following rules have been approved by Avon, Danville, Plainfield, Cascade and Ben Davis Softball Committees.

ROSTERS: Team rosters shall have no more than 13 players per roster and need to be turned in prior to first game and 2 weeks before tourney

PRACTICES: No more than four (4) practices and/or games per calendar week are allowed. If a team has a bye, then a
practice may be substituted. Communities may require fewer practices than this due to facility restraints or individual
community bylaws/rules.

SPORTSMANSHIP: Players and coaches will conduct themselves with sportsmanship at all times. If a player is ejected
for any reason, the team with this player will not forfeit the game; however, the team will record an out inthat lineup
position. The community board will handle discipline of the player and coaches per their bylaws.Any player or coach
ejected may not participate in the next game. If a spectator is ejected,the spectator must leave the playing area,

PROTESTS: No protests are allowed. Disputes should be settled by the umpires and the coaches at the time the call in
question is made and in a sportsmanship like manner.

EMERGENCY PLAYER: Emergency players may only be utilized when 10 or fewer players are available for 12U and
10U and 9 or fewer players are available for 14-18U. A maximum of two emergency players may be used in any one
game. To be eligible as a rostered emergency player, the player must have participated in the community's fast pitch
league in a lower age division. If one team does not have enough players to play a game and the opposing team can loan
them players, this should be considered.

GAME TIME LIMITS: All games shall be 75 minutes and finish the inning, no new inning should start after 70 minutes have
been played. In the case of two games being scheduled on the same field, an\ 80 minute drop-dead time limit is in place for the early game only.  The game clock time will begin at the scheduled time.  Up to 15 minutes will be allowed before the team causing a delay will forfeit the game. Any time within the 15-minute window will reduce the game's time limit. (i.e.: If game begins 10 minutes late, game time limit is reduced to 65 minutes, unless otherwise agreed by coaches and umpires.

SCHEDULED GAMES: If a scheduled game cannot be played, than the home team's field manager will leave a message
a voice mail, email, or text for the League Coordinator no later than ninety (90) minutes prior to the scheduled start time of a
game. In case of inclement weather, it is the responsibility of coaches and umpires to call the Director to be sure their
game has been cancelled. If no message, email, or text has been left regarding your game, then the game is to be played
as scheduled. It is the responsibility of the director to reschedule the game, as soon as possible. Coaches will be notified
by a director to confirm the makeup date. (Makeup day will be Friday.) Weeknight games will begin at 6 p.m. or 7:30
unless otherwise noted. 10U will play on Monday and Wednesday, 12U will play on Tuesday and Thursday, 14-18U will play
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.


  • 10U: Six (6) innings constitute a game, 5 1/2 if home team is ahead. An inning will consist of three outs or five (5)runs for the first three innings, 10 for innings 4 & 5, then unlimited for inning 6.
  • 12U: Seven (7) innings constitute a game, 6 1/2 if home team is ahead. An inning will consist of three outs or six(6) runs for the first three innings, 10 for innings 4 & 5, then unlimited for innings 6 & 7.
  • 14-18U: Seven (7) innings constitute a game, 6 1/2 if home team is ahead. An inning will consist of three outs or 8(8) runs for the first three innings, 10 for innings 4 & 5, then unlimited for innings 6 & 7.

MERCY RULE: A game is considered complete due to 15 run lead after 3 innings, 2 1/2 if home team is ahead or
darkness, rain, 12 runs after 4 innings 8 run lead after 5 innings, 4 1/2 if home team is ahead.

FIELDERS: 10U & 12U: Each team shall field ten (10) players; 14-18U shall field (9) player’s four (4) of which will be in the outfield
grass. A game must be started with eight (8) players and the ninth and tenth players may be inserted at the bottom of the
order at any time. However, the ninth position in the batting order will NOT be an automatic out. In case of injury or
illness, a team can continue or finish a game with eight (8) players. The injured or ill player should be scratched from the
lineup. In both cases the ninth position in the batting order will NOT be an out. There will be free substitution of all
players, subject to pitching rules. 

EQUIPMENT: All catchers must wear the required equipment per ASA rules. All bats must be ASA approved. All batters
and base runners must wear their helmets until they have left the playing field, face guards are mandatory for all divisions.
All pitchers are required to wear a protective mask while on the mound.
Metal cleats will NOT be allowed in any games on any fields no matter the age group. The Umpires or coaches shall
supply two game balls per league discretion. Balls will be per ASA rules: 1OU division will use optic yellow 11-inch, 12U
and 14-18U divisions will use optic yellow 12-inch balls.

THROWING BATS: No throwing of the bat will be allowed. One team warning will be issued after which, any subsequent
violation will be cause for the offending player to be called out. If the bat hits any person, then the batter is automatically
out without a warning. If the ball is hit fair, then a dead ball is called and any base runners must return to the base
occupied prior to the dead ball.

INJURED PLAYER/COURTESY RUNNER: A courtesy runner will be allowed for a batter who has been injured in the
course of play.The courtesy runner will be the player who recorded the last out.

OBSTRUCTION/SLIDING: If a play is being made at a base, then the base runner must avoid unnecessary contact with
the defensive player or the base runner is out, subject to umpire discretion. Catchers cannot block the plate without the

INFIELD FLY: There is NO Infield Fly Rule in 10U, all others yes.

DROP THIRD STRIKE: There will be NO Drop Third Strike in 10U, all others yes.

BATTING/STEALING RULES: Batters may bunt. All players are inthe batting order for the entire game. Any player
arriving late may be added at the bottom of the lineup. Players may stealafter the pitcher releases the pitch.
U10 base runners can only steal 1 base per pitch and if they continue may be put out. The Umpire will call time to return runners to a previous base. There is no stoppage of play due to overthrows, per ASA rules.

LOOK BACK RULE: When a runner is off the base, and while the pitcher has control of the ball within the circle, the
runner may stop once, but then must immediately attempt to advance to the next base or return to the last base. The
runner will be declared out if the runner fails to immediately return non-stop to the base or proceed non-stop to the next
base. The runner IS NOT out, if a play is made by the pitcher: a fake throw is considered a play, but holding the ball up is

35 feet for 10U, pitchers can pitch a maximum of 4 innings per game for 10U. A pitcher can pitch 2 innings out of the first
 3 innings, but a new pitcher must pitch one inning out of the first 3innings.
40 feet for 12U, pitchers can pitch a maximum of 5 innings per game for 12U.
43 feet for 14-18U, no limit of innings
One pitch in an inning constitutes an inning pitched.
A relief pitcher is eligible to re-enter the game.
Pitching regulations will be at the sole discretion of the umpire; however, leniency is the key.
Pitchers can have only one conference with any coach per inning. Upon the 2nd conference, pitcher must be removed.
The circle will be used in all age divisions. All baselines will be 60 feet.

UMPIRES: All 10U and 12U games will only require 1 umpire; 14-18U will have 2 umpires. Any issues/ejections with
players, coaches, or parents must be reported to the League Coordinator, Softball Committee will take further disciplinary action if

LIGHTNING: ASA standard rules, park rules, or community rules may be utilized to determine game interruption caused
by lightning.