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8U Rules

8U Division Unified Rules
Revised 3/19/2018


  1. Unless otherwise specified, the “ASA Official Softball Rule Book.” is the governing force.


  1. Every team must bat the roster. Three outs per inning or the maximum runs per inning:
  2. 1st – 3rd inning - 6 run max
  3. 4th & 5th inning – 10 run max
  4. 6th inning - unlimited
  5. Both coaches exchange batting order before the games starts. Any player that arrives late can bat but must be placed at bottom of batting order.
  6. Each batter will receive 5 pitches or 3 strikes. The Fifth pitch shall be considered the last pitch unless the batter fouls or foul-tips the pitch, in which case an additional pitch may be given. If a batter fouls a 3rd strike and the catcher catches the ball, the batter shall be out. For any other foul ball, the ball must be over the batter’s head for the catch to be counted as an out.
  7. There are no balls. Only pitches swung at shall be called a strike.
  8. One warning will be given to a team if a batter throws a bat that strikes the catcher, hit the fence or backstop, or travel over 20 feet. Any player who throws the bat after that warning will be called out. This rule will be enforced.
  9. No intentional bunting or slapping at the ball is allowed.
  10. Home park will provide game balls and field maintenance


  1. If the fielder has the ball, the runner should slide when possible or make every attempt to avoid contact. In the 8U Division, there is not a mandatory slide rule in effect.

Batting Out Of Order

  1. An error discovered while the incorrect batter is at bat, the correct batter shall take her place and assume the count of the incorrect batter.
  2. If the error is discovered after the incorrect batter has completed her turn at bat and before the first pitch to the next batter, the batter that should have batted is out. All runs scored are canceled and base runners shall return. The next batter is the player whose name follows that of the player called out for failing to bat.
  3. If the error is discovered after the first pitch to the second incorrect batter, all runs scored and all bases run shall be declared legal. The next batter shall be the one whose name follows that of the incorrect batter. No one is called out and those that missed their turn at bat will not bat until the next time their name appears in the line-up.
  4. Should a batter be due up and have to use the restroom, the batter will be skipped in the order and inserted immediately upon return to the field without penalty to the batter or offensive team.

Base Running

  1. After a base runner has reached or returned to a base, she shall not move off the base until the ball is hit by the bat. There are no steals allowed in the 8U division.

Players and Substitutions

  1. Each team will field all players that are on the roster during the regular season. 10 for tournament. Normal infield positions will apply, with extra players playing a minimum of 25' beyond bases or at edge of grass on normal infield diamonds.
  2. The manager has no obligation to play any player that arrives after 2 complete innings have been played. This rule is overridden by each leagues rule if it applies.


  1. All players must be positioned in the normal location of that position until the ball is hit. Normally outfielders should be positioned at least on the edge of the outfield grass.
  2. 11 or all players on roster will be allowed on the diamond at a time with 6 of those positions being in the infield. All other players shall be positioned in the outfield.
  3. TWO Coaches will be allowed in the outfield to direct their players on where to throw the ball.
  4. The overthrow rule goes into effect when a ball is overthrown to first base only. When “overthrow” is called by the umpire (at his or her discretion) runners may advance no more than one base AT THEIR OWN RISK. Once the runner(s) either safely return to base, safely reach the next base, or are put out, time will be called. The play will not continue, and additional extra bases may not be taken, even if the defensive team further errs in a put-out attempt.


  1. The coach pitching must have at least on foot inside the circle before the pitch is released.
  2. The coach must leave the field of play once the ball is put into play
  3. If the coach is struck with the hit ball, the play is immediately ruled dead and the batter will return to bat. The previous pitch will NOT be counted against their pitch count.
  4. Coach/Pitcher cannot direct batter/runner after ball is hit.
  5. The pitcher’s helper must stand inside the pitching circle and cannot be any farther forward (toward the batter) than the pitching rubber. They also must have one foot inside the circle.

Game Play

  1. When the ball has been put in play, There will be two ways to stop the play:
  2. The fielder must have possession of the ball and be directly in the path of the lead runner and notify timeout. Play will be stopped. It will then be the umpire’s discretion if the runners advance to the next base.
  3. The pitchers helper must maintain possession of the ball and have both feet in the pitching circle and notify time. Play will be stopped. It will then be the umpire’s discretion if the runners advance to the next base.
  4. If the ball hits the adult pitcher, the ball becomes dead and each runner is allowed to advance one base.

Field Decorum / Code of Conduct

  1. Any abusive, obscene language or un-sportsmanlike conduct by coaches, players, spectators or parents will not be tolerated and the umpire has the authority to handle such situations in the customary manner (i.e. a warning, removal from game, removal from Tri West, DGSA, or CYL property).

Sportsmanship Expectations

  1. Coaches are not only responsible for their own conduct, but also for the conduct of their players and fans as well. All coaches are expected to set a positive example for their teams. Confronting umpires in an abusive manner either verbally or physically by any coach, assistant, player or parent shall constitute and immediate ejection from the facility and discussions will take place between the 3 league representatives as to what occurred and if any further punishment should be enforced.

Please take particular notice of the following sportsmanship expectations:

  1. There shall be no jeering, distractions involving players, whether in the dugout or in the field.
  2. No abusive, profane, or obscene language will be tolerated on the part of anyone.
  3. Anyone ridiculing a player or volunteer will be asked to leave the field immediately.
  4. No smoking in the dugout or on the playing field by anyone.
  5. No foreign objects shall be thrown onto the field.
  6. All decisions of the umpires are final and shall be accepted with restraint and grace. Please, do not question judgment calls. The umpires calling the games are all volunteers.

Contesting Calls
Judgment calls cannot be contested.

  1. Discussions over discrepancies in the application of these rules should be calmly discussed between the coaches with mutual respect.

Playing Field

  1. The diamonds for this league will have 60 feet baselines.
  2. The pitching distance will be 35 feet.
  3. An 8-foot radius circle will be marked for the pitcher’s helper.


  1. The bat will be marked official softball or T-ball. (any length is acceptable)
  2. Standard 11inch softballs will be furnished for practices and games.
  3. All Pitchers Helpers MUST wear a fielder’s mask and heart guard. Any additional league rules pertaining to protective gear shall apply to the league’s players regardless of the location of play.
  4. Catcher must wear a mask, helmet, and chest protector when in the catching position. This rule will apply during warm up pitches and during practices.
  5. All equipment shall be kept off the playing field during the game.

Game Duration

  1. All games will have an hour and 15 minute limit. No new inning may start after 68 minutes to keep games from delaying the next scheduled game.

In House Tournament

  1. All tournament rules will remain the same as above with the exception that a maximum of 10 players shall be in the field on defense at one time and the Championship game will be played to 6 full innings with no time limit. Construction of the in-house and interleague tournaments shall be decided by the leagues’ divisional points of contact each season.

Postponed Games

  1. 1. The weather becomes bad.
  2. 2. Darkness
  3. 3. Disciplinary reasons in which the umpire feels the game cannot continue.
  4. 4. Unsportsmanlike conduct - managers, coaches, players, or parents.
  5. 5. A 15-run rule that will apply after 5 innings. (4 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead.)
  6. 6. The Coaches are responsible of notifying the league coordinator of games that are‚Äč postponed due to weather.
  7. 7. Any make up games are to be scheduled by the coordinator.

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Danville Girls Softball Association and support youth in your area.